How we Earn

Here at GCash casinos, we’re dedicated to providing accurate and up-to-date information about the best places to play online casino games using the popular and trusted payment method GCash. We recognise that Filipinos want clear and unadulterated information on where to find the best games and most rewarding promotions in the industry, all accessible using GCash. Our goal is to make it easy to find the most exciting but also safe places for you to play.

In the interests of complete transparency, we disclose that we are a casino affiliate website, which means we make a meagre income via the website in several ways. This enables us to cover costs such as website hosting fees and pay for our writers so we can continue with the important work we do. Below you’ll find details of the various ways in which this site is funded.

This is how Sites Like Ours Make Money

Share of Revenue

This site’s income comes from revenue-share-based deals with various online casino operators. This works when a visitor joins one of the featured online casinos from a link on our site and deposits; we get a percentage of the revenue generated from those deposits.


Another significant source of income for our team of experts is CPA or Cost Per Acquisition. This means that we get a prearranged fee for every visitor who joins one of the featured online casinos on our site through our links and goes on to make a deposit.

Combination Deals

A few of our deals with online casino operators are a combination of the above, i.e. when a visitor uses one of our sites links to join and deposit at an online casino, we receive both a prearranged fee for the acquisition plus a percentage of the revenue generated by that new player.

Set Fees

Another deal we may make with partner online casino operators is placing their brand in a prominent location on our site in exchange for a set fee.

Why You Can Still Trust us

At this point, you may find yourself questioning the validity of our site and its content. If we’re making money from this venture, how can you be sure that what we say is true and not just what we think you want to hear to generate more signups for online casinos? How do you know whether the online casinos featured here are trustworthy or not? These are perfectly reasonable questions.

The first factor to consider in this respect is that if an online casino is featured on our site as a place to play casino games using GCash, it has already undergone intense scrutiny regarding financial regulation. GCash will not associate with unscrupulous operators.

Additionally, it’s not in our best interest to recommend shady online casinos for several reasons. The internet is the perfect place to find player feedback. If it turns out one of the promoted online casinos on our site has received a lot of negativity from players, that reflects very badly on us, which is something we don’t want. Plus, we don’t want to partner with undesirable operators ourselves either. If they’re inclined to mislead players, they’re likely to do the same to us too.

So you see, while we do manage to generate a modest income from this site, it is far from our primary motivation as it simply would not be in our best interest. We work hard to provide accurate and reliable information on the most trusted online casino GCash. The income we generate contributes to our running costs so we can keep this service free for our visitors.

Paul Kekai Manansala - Owner of GCash Casino

Paul Kekai Manansala

I am the founder of this website and an established writer. I wrote a couple of books and I am truly passioned about writing. I have always nurtured a passion for writing and gaming, finding this website a place to combine both. Together with me, a group of editors and gambling experts work on this website to ensure up-to-date, truthful content and professional opinions. Feel free to contact me with any questions about this page’s information.